Update + Picatog Contest

... I know, I know... A blog post update 3 months later (lets be real, when have I ever posted regularly? lol)  ... Let's just say, I blame life!  But wait... I'm still working on my consistency! 

I digress... I have a few things I'm excited about and thought to share one! 

Last week, picAtog launched their site for daily photography contests. I entered the photo contest and submitted images to the portrait and wedding category. With the votes of family, friends, and the picAtog community, both images I submitted to portraits placed in the top 10 (rank 3 and 4). Now for the wedding category, I won 1st place, twice in a row & I'm super excited. Walking away with a nice stack of $43 haa (every dollar counts).

The more people enter, the more $ there is to win! Are you a photographer? Feel free to take a look at this awesome site & don't forget, SUBMIT! SUBMIT! SUBMIT!  Fast cash, I must say!


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Until then, stay tuned for the next blog post, I promise to make it soon!